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January 2009



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Non-dye jello!!

     Okay people...there is a level of excitement around here that we haven't seen in a while.  Why, you ask?  One word:  JELLO. 

     Ever since Indigo was 4, I've eliminated food coloring from our diet by about 95%.  I read an article in Mothering magazine on it and that was it.  That stuff is BAD...I mean, really bad.  It is literally poison...causing all kinds of things like infertility (in men, in particular) and colon cancer.  I make exceptions for Halloween and road trips and parties.  I am NOTgoing to be one of those moms who brings her own cake and candy to some kid's birthday party.  Anyway, jello has naturally been off limits for the last 7 years or so.  If we were still vegetarians, I suppose it still would be.  The kids had jello once at some GAWD-forsaken buffet type place where Kirk insisted that they would live if they had some damn jello.  Being children, they thought the stuff was manna from heaven and have been literally jonesin' for it ever since (and its been like a year).  So!  I was looking at the jello at the regular grocery store AGAIN, just hoping that I would suddenly see dye-free jello when I came upon the little boxes of plain knox gelatin.  On the back of the box was a recipe for making your own jello with juice!  Well, howdy do!
     We have had so much fun buying different flavors of organic juice and making jello in the last week.  The kids are all kinds of blissed out about this...and it pleases my Mama heart to be able to give them jello.  Sigh.

     This is our lemonade jello.  We've also had cranberry/blueberry and orange/mango.

     I also had a really good night with Tashi last night while Indigo was at...wait for it...*gasp* a FRIEND'S house.  Yes, we have made friends finally with another unschooling family with kids just the right age.  This is a whole post in itself which I would very much like to write sometime when my lovely, fresh-from-the-shower husband is not pickin' on his guitar right behind me...just tempting me away from a long post.  But I wanted to remember how I made Moosewood's vegetable stew for hours while Tashi hung out with me in the kitchen talking and talking and sharing his mind with me as he played with little people and foil and paper!

     Here are a few other pictures from the last few days or so:

     The addition of some old-fashioned slinkies from Cracker Barrel and the re-emergence of paint (not used for weeks for some reason) have been good things.  We're in one of those wonderful phases where it seems like the kids are always keeping busy and mostly happy.  I think the new friends have really helped lift our spirits!  That and the cool temperatures.  


     I made cranberry/orange muffins tonight with my new silicone muffin cups!  OH. MY. GAWD.  I cannot say enough good things about my $6.00 splurge.  NO MORE paper muffin cups that stick to your otherwise delicious muffins!  The joys of a housewife.  Oh, and I did not put those swords in those muffins.

     Here are the kids attempting to run down the hall with their ankles tied together while they were supposed to be settling down for the night.  I couldn't help but think it was cute.  We finally settled in and read some more Dragon Slippers which is so good that I'm reading it slowly to make it last.  Its a one-in-a-thousand books that I love to read out loud as much as they love to listen.

     And finally, just to make myself drool, I came upon this picture today as I was looking for an envelope.  Its Benji, Gavi, Indigo and Tashi in the spring of 2005 in our kitchen in Denver.  I just took a picture of a picture so its a bit blurry but oh how it makes me sigh.  Indigo talked for a while tonight about how she misses our long days with them...as she put it, "sharing food, playing and playing...making up games and snuggling and then sometimes just falling asleep together for the night...like REAL cousins."  DAMN!
     Okay, I'm off to my husband with the softest hair in the Universe...now smelling like Burt's Bees shampoo.  Another happy sigh.



Hee hee. Being vegetarians who also try to avoid artificial colors - Jello has obviously been on our do not eat list. I can't tell you how happy the kids are that I've found VEGAN gel cups at Whole Foods. Now, if they just weren't so darn expensive...
Vegan gel cups, huh? How does that work? Its a good thing we don't even have Whole Foods here (well, not really - heehee)cuz I'd be in trouble.

Too... much... cuteness...



And the rest of them are cute too. :)
I can not *believe* that that is my now man-sized child! he is unbelievable!! i am crying so hard right now.